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We are experts in Drain Repairs

Drain Repairs

Wyre Drainage can diagnose and repair damaged drains. There are a number of ways drains can become damaged from tree root ingression to surface movement and general structure degradation. Drain damage can be as minor as a small crack or blockage to a complete collapse of the drain structure.

How do I know if my drain has collapsed?

There are several tell tale signs that could indicate a potential drain collapse, these include:

  • Waste Draining Slower than Normal
  • Fresh Damp or Mould
  • Sewage backups and Frequent Blockages
  • Foul Unpleasant Odours

If you are experiencing any of the above we recommend a survey is carried out of your drainage system to eliminate or identify a collapsed drain being the culprit.



All drain repairs are unique and as such unfortunately it is impossible to give an idea of cost without conducting a survey. Our engineers at Wyre Drainage would be happy to attend your site to investigate the issue and will provide you with a repair estimate / quotation in advanced to any work being commenced.

More Information

Wyre Drainage offer a comprehensive drain repair service for all causes, If you suspect you have an issue with your drain contact Chris today for more information.

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